Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Yellowhouse Gallery Presents: David Huff - Photography
Artist’s Statement:

My interest in photography grew during my time in the service when I purchased my first single-lens reflex camera. During a year in Korea, I concentrated on documenting the Korean people and their culture. After the service, college, family and career commitments pushed photography into the background, but I never lost my love for it. With retirement, relocation to the Outer Banks and the digital revolution, photography has once again become an important part of my life.

Living on the Outer Banks is a true blessing for the serious photographer. The quality of light at sunrise and sunset throughout the year, combined with the landscape and abundance of wildlife, provide unlimited opportunities for photographers. Initially, my focus and vision was on the beach, dune and marsh landscapes. My other interest, travel, has modified what I photograph.

Travel has provided the opportunity both to photograph a variety of landscapes around the United States and the world. I have photographed the beautiful and dramatic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, Maine and the Canadian Maritimes. But travels through Europe, Cuba, New Orleans and New York have provided a rich platform to photograph people and their environment. As a result, I now look at the Outer Banks with a broader vision, not just the landscape, but the people, both those who live here and our visitors.

My goals and my vision for the future is to capture the beauty and emotion of the landscape and the people around it, whether here on the Outer Banks or wherever my travels may take me.

The Outer Banks Forum for the Performing Arts has selected my image, “Between Sets”, for the cover of their playbill for this coming season.
I am also very proud of having my work recognized by ‘People Choice Awards’ on several occasions at art exhibits; however, my greatest pleasure is to know that my work is enjoyed by many in their private collections.

Art by David Huff - Photography

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