Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Yellowhouse Gallery Presents: Liztech - Jewelry
The idea of Liztech, was born long before as a young Girl Scout who became fascinated with copper enamel and jewelry making after being introduced to it at Camp Redwing. This would influence the rest of her life. At the young age of 14 she was already selling handmade jewelry at local craft shows in Scranton, Pennsylvania. What was to follow were years of traveling the world in search of inspiration.

The collection all started in the early 80’s –before Liztech was even Liztech- Jill was in Providence, Rhode Island (visiting a supplier that she refers to as “The Pirate”) when she was presented an opportunity of a lifetime. “The Pirate” had just recently purchased all of Swank cufflinks over run of stones. He was then offering them to Jill to buy the entire lot – she couldn’t refuse- Jill and Scott took a chance and spent there entire life savings on theses stones.

All Liztech Jewelry is made using mirrored chrome. The mirrored chrome contains three different elements – polyethylene, aluminum and an electroplated mirror surface.This mirror is unlike any other jewelry making material- it will never break, tarnish, crack or shatter. Each piece is wire wrapped and beaded with a coated cable wire. The pieces are all adorned using vintage stones, metal findings, parts, bits and anodized aluminum.

Liztech jewelry is all handmade in Jill's artist studio in East Stroudsburg, PA. Each piece of mirror is hand-cut using a scroll saw. The edges are then sandblasted and burnished. The piece then gets drilled and the stones are all set in there bezels. The pieces are then wire wrapped and beaded. Every piece of jewelry then gets steam cleaned, signed and dated. Just turn yours over to see the year it was created!!!

Every Liztech piece comes with a written lifetime guarantee. If anything happens to your piece, return it for a free repair or replacement.

Art by Liztech - Jewelry

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