Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Yellowhouse Gallery Presents: Phyllis Kroetsch - Photography
Artist Statement – Phyllis Kroetsch

Back in my 20’s, a photographer friend told me, “you can take a camera into a blank room and take hundreds of photographs, with the shadows and corners.” I never forgot that. Ever since, I’ve looked and shaped and shadows at all different times of the day. I used to take photographs of the kids in the park, not really knowing the technical aspects, just playing with it. Life got in the way and I didn’t really photograph for years, although I never lost my interest. I grew up in the low country of Florida and really loved all the nature there. In 1997, I moved to the Outer Banks. I’ve always loved the marshes and the sound, the beach and the ocean, and all the birds and wildlife that live around here.

In 2008, I got my first truly good camera. I joined the Carolina Nature Photographers Association so that I could start really learning about photography.

One of my proudest moments as a photographer was learning that the Photographers Society of America had awarded my photograph Country Memories an Honorable Mention.

I love old houses, like the house I photographed for Country Memories. I like showing the passage of time. I like rust! I also like close-up macro photos of flowers and insects. I have a special love for the marshes and the sound as well as for the beach. I love taking pictures of birds and wildlife. I just can’t seem to get interested in formal portraits; I do think I could get interested in character images. I’d rather make candid photographs, looking for different expressions, for laughter or anger or surprise. A posed shot doesn’t interest me at all.

I hope my photographs help folks remember places and times that might otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten.

Art by Phyllis Kroetsch - Photography

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